• For only 400 riyals and for a holder of a livelihood card on uterine dye x-rays at Al-Nozha Medical Complex, the offer ends on 12/31/2020.

    However, prior reservation is required on 920009899

      Starts from 2020-08-15 and Ends in 2020-12-31
  • Special offer for 3 months

    6 physiotherapy sessions at El Nozha Medical Center. For 795 riyals with Dr. Mahmoud Al-Bardawil.

    Physiotherapist; And experience in major hospitals in Riyadh (Dallah Hospital and Al Hammadi Hospital).

    The offer ends on 2/20/2020 7/9/1442.

    Al-Nuzha Medical Center - Al-Nuzha neighborhood - opposite Al-Nakheel Mall - Phone: 920009899

      Starts from 2020-11-20 and Ends in 2021-02-20