Important Notes

    Upon obtaining Rezk card, you surly get real and high discounts from our sharers in this guide.

    Sharers( hospitals, clinics, beauty centers, stores and commercial centers )have the right to offer special discounts that may be more or less than ours. The card holder cannot get a doubled discount. The highest discount will be taken into consideration .

    Resk Card is personal, others have no right to use it, that is why the ID is required.

    Our contracts with our partners are for one year apt to renewal. We always look for additional ones. You will be informed though our application.

    Any sharer ( hospitals, clinics, beauty centers….etc.)will be put aside in case of violating  the contract. The customer has no right to return the card due to the contract termination .

    Download Resk Application on you mobile phone to receive our new offers or even any correction . If you don’t, you will lose the chance of knowing the new partners and offers through our sight.

    If you see any difference in prices or discounts, then the priority will be for what is written in our application or sight.