Rezk idea  

We contract with the commercial and medical centers to obtain the greatest possible discount for the Rezk card carrier in hospitals, medical centers, dentistry, dermatology, laser, beauty centers, nourishment, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, medical labs, X-ray, medical and sunglasses stores, restaurants, pastry, hotels, rest houses, furniture, male and female sport clubs, male and female clothes, perfumes, make up, female sewing centers, training centers, car service, flower shops…..etc. No one is allowed to use the card except its owner. It is valid for one year. Unlimited usage and will be activated upon receiving. When submitting for the first time.

Rezk Vision  

We cooperate with our contractors to introduce the innovative solutions for the consumers’ shopping  and consumption as well as achieving high income for our partners; the owners of the centers

Rezk Mission  

We contribute in offering extra social service in the medical and social sectors for all in Saudi Arabia throughout a discount card in the medical and commercial fields in order to lessen the daily life expenses

Rezk Aims  

    1. Our main aim is the useful discount for everybody though saving which we seek in our relations and vision.
    2. Building a real value between the consumer and the owners of the commercial and medical centers.
    3. Achieving a qualitative difference in our partners’ income.
    4. We do our best to cover and meet all of our customers’ wishes and needs in every aspect.
    5. Increasing the quantity and quality of partners’ number in the KSA to achieve the widest net for our customers.
    6. Developing and improving the IT and HR to create the values that achieve our targets.

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