Swan Specialized Medical Center

    Dermatology and Venereology services:

    • Free examination + consultation + measurement of fat, fluid and muscle percentage instead of 180 riyals.
    • Body fat sculpting and breaking session for 299 riyals instead of 900 riyals.
    • The rest of the nutrition and body sculpting services are 40% off the basic price.
    • Adjustment and beautification of nose deviation 1099 riyals instead of 2200 riyals
    • 40% discount on other dermatological services.
    • Deep skin cleansing (Hydra Touch Facial) for 299 riyals instead of 599 riyals.
    • The rest of the skin and body sculpting services 40% off.

    Laser services:

    • An optional small area laser (one session equals two sessions from any other device) + free frills for 99 riyals instead of 240 riyals.40% discount on the rest of laser services.
    • Dental Section: 
      Examination + free consultation.
      Surface cleaning of teeth 99 riyals.
      Cosmetic filling 150 riyals.
      Teeth whitening 399 SAR.
      The rest of the dental department services a discount of 32%


    All offers for women and men + all statements are free, except for leather.

    Riyadh - Al-Masyaf district - King Abdulaziz Road - next to Panda - Phone: 0114520222