Pearl Smile Medical Center

    Obstetrics and Gynaecology clinics: 

    • 80% off on medical
    • 1200 SAR for pregnancy track (include 14 visits and all needed tests + 4 times Ultrasound Imaging + 4D Scan + CD, free visit to pediatrician after delivery
    • 4D Ultrasound Scanning(the latest in the world) + CD

    Internal Medicine Clinics:

    • Examination 80% off
    • Comprehensive medical tests,chronic and infectious diseases test, chest x-rays and cardio diagram 350 SAR

    Otolaryngology Clinics:

    • Examination 80% off
    • 20% off on all surgeries and giving birth in the finest hospitals in the Kingdom
    • Ear Wax Irrigation for free
    • Audiometry, measuring the pressure of the middle ear and assess the difficulty of breathing for adults and children

    Urology and Venereology,Andrology and Infertility Consulting Clinics: 

    • Examination 80% off
    • All needed tests and urology,andrology, infertility and infectious diseases consultant 350 SAR

    General Surgery and Major and Minor Endoscope:

    • Examination 80% off
    • Children Circmcision by topical anesthesia under consultant supervision 300 SAR

    Dental Dept: 

    • Free Examination using the latest oral cameras
    • 99 SAR for dental scaling and teeth polishing in four stages
    • Digital x-rays 99 SAR
    • 50% discount on all dental treatments,orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry
    • 50% discount on prosthodontics and dental labs
    • Teeth Bleaching and cleaning with the latest Swiss dental devices 699 SAR
    • Prosthodontics (Metal –Free Veneers) 999 SAR
    • ZIRCONA prosthodontics 999 SAR
    • Metal Porcelain prosthodontics 599 SAR
    • Simple case Orthodontics (Dr. Farah, Dr. Rabih, Dr. Sami) 5000 SAR
    • Metal –Free cosmetic Lumineers prosthodontics 1499 SAR
    • Cosmetic dental and jaws Lamina 1999 SAR

    Riyadh - Al Sulimaniyah - Prince Mamdouh Bin Abdulaziz - Tel: 0114646334.