About us

We are the Rezq Abwab Foundation for Marketing Services, Commercial Registration No.: 1010878704, issued by the city of Riyadh, and responsible for issuing the Rezq Card.

And our mission is to provide a community service by providing savings service

Rezq card that gives discounts in the medical field (hospitals, medical complexes, laboratories, and medical radiology centers, in addition to dental, cosmetic, dermatology, laser, ophthalmology, and other centers in the most famous hospitals and centers).

These discounts are up to 80%, documented by official contracts with our service providers.

And soon we will provide our customers with discounts in the commercial field.

The Rizq Card is valid for one Gregorian year from the date of its issuance, and is available to all those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudis - Visitors - Residents)

We provide all medical services: medical examinations, tests, x-rays, surgeries, natural and cesarean deliveries, eye operations, physical therapy, home care...etc.