About us

Alam rezq office is an establishment responsible for issuing Alam rezq For Money Saving.

Business Registration No. 1010567834 issued in Riyadh.

Our Mission.

We grant social favor throughout offering money saving service.

Alam rezq Card gives you discounts of up to 80% in:

Medical centers:

Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, X-ray centers, dentals, dermatology and Laser.

Commercial Centers:

Restaurants, Pastry and Chocolate, Coffee shops, Male and Female sport centers, Massage and Moroccan Baths, Opticians, Department stores,Furniture, Perfume and beauty centers, Female sewing centers, Hotels and Furnished Apartments, Rests and Chalets, Car Service centers, Summoning and Tourism offices, Medical Shoes centers,….etc.

These deductions are certified with official contracts between our establishment and the service providers.

Alam rezq card is valid for one Gregorian year, when issued, and available in Saudi Arabia for Saudis, residents and visitors.